Interview with a TAGteacher – TAGteach in the Classroom with Luca Canever

Listen to this interview of TAGteach Faculty member Luca Canever with TAGteach cofounder Joan Orr on the topic of TAGteach in the Classroom. Luca tells us how he got started with TAGteach and tells about how he uses TAGteach in his classes. He talks about the following topics:

  • His applications of TAGteach in a typical middle school classroom in a group setting
  • His application of TAGteach with special needs students one on one
  • How the kids responded at first
  • TAGteach for math and reading
  • TAGteach for behavior management
  • Some challenges in working in a classroom environment
  • Using peer tagging
  • What he’s going to be up to next

This was a video interview, but the quality of the video recording was poor and the size of the file was huge, so we have posted a link to the audio recording. There are three images and a video that were discussed in the interview. These are posted below so that you can see them in good quality as you listen to the interview.


Writing by one of Luca’s students, before and after TAGteach


Printing before and after TAGteach by Noah, a student of school occupational therapist Mary Handley. See more about Mary’s work here

Before and after TAGteach with math from Luca


Video showing TAGteach faculty member Keri Gorman teaching her son to write neatly using TAGteach.

Joan Orr

TAGteach Cofounder

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