Certification and CEU Information

Certification Information

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TAGteach Level 1 Certification Requirements

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]You will qualify to receive Level 1 Certification from TAGteach International if you complete the following:

  1. Complete this online course
  2. Submit your journal for review
  3. Submit your worksheets for review
  4. Submit a 5-8 minute (max) video showing you teaching with TAGteach for review
  5. Submit a video showing you reciting the TAGteach Fundamentals
  6. Submit a video showing you reciting the TAGteach Session Scrip

The video must show the following:

  • you giving the learner a tag point using the phrasing “The tag point is..” followed by a tag point that meets the WOOF criteria.
  • you tagging with good timing and delivering a reinforcer (as appropriate for your learner – the tag alone may enough)
  • you repeating the same tag point several times (or performing a shaping procedure without words)

Click here to review the detailed certification and video requirements

Your work will be assessed and you will receive personal feedback from your course advisor and help to complete these if you have any problems.

The fee for assessment is $75. Please pay this fee in our online store by clicking on the button below.

Once you have paid the fee, please submit your completed journal and all completed worksheets and video to Anne Wormald at annew@tagteach.com.

If you don’t hear back within 3 days, please contact Anne to be sure that she received your information.

Once your assessment is complete and your video, worksheets and journal have been approved, you will receive your Level 1 TAGteach Certification. You will receive a 6-month free TAGteach membership, which includes a listing on our Find a TAGteacher directory among other benefits. You can download your Certified TAGteacher certificate from the member’s area.

You will be able to download a certificate of completion from the course once you finish the quiz. You can use this as proof of completion to satisfy CEU requirements from other organizations. This certificate is just to show completion of the course, it is not the TAGteach Certification certificate. You will be able to download the Certified TAGteacher certificate once you hand in your materials and they have been assessed.[/text_block]


Pay Assessment Fee


CEU Opportunities


The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers: 9 CEUs


Karen Pryor Academy: 9 CEUs