Guide Dog Mobility Instructors, learn to love your job even more, with TAGteach!

How to use an acoustic marker to get more success with less frustration

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Tulsa OK - Advanced Workshop - Nov 2-3, 2019

What will TAGteach do for me?

TAGteach gives you the tools to simplify your instructions, use fewer words, give immediate feedback and get fast results. You'll be able to communicate effectively with your students and see success at each step.

Using a click sound to tell the visually impaired learner exactly when they have done a correct action is a huge benefit to guide dog handler training. The learner can focus on the sound and exactly what they were doing when they hear it. They don't have to use any brain power to try to interpret the nuances of language. If they don't hear the sound (tag) they know to try again and the instructor does not need to give a verbal correction.

"In guide dog training, the visually impaired handler must learn to provide effective verbal and body cues to their guide dog. As an example: Teaching the specific timing and placement of the handler’s body facing, footwork, hand gesture, and verbal cue for Right and Left Turns requires many sessions and repetitions using the traditional method of teaching all the steps as one skill. The same skill taught via TAGteach is not only learned faster, but each segment of the skill has as stronger foundation that results is consistent application by the blind handler. Breaking the skill down into smaller components and using less “lecture style teaching” makes success quick and more enjoyable for both learner and teacher."

Michele Pouliot
Guide Dog Mobility Instructor of 42 years
Recipient of the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Ken Lord Award from the International Guide Dog Federation
Former Director of Research and Development, Guide Dogs for the Blind, CA USA

Watch these students tell you what it's like to learn from a TAGteacher

Watch this video showing the use of a tag point to help with food placement and reinforcement for the dog

Here's a free gift from us! Enroll in our online mini-course on the Fundamentals of TAGteach. You'll learn about the three essential components of the TAGteach approach and the four rules for setting attainable goals for your students. The information you'll get from this course will put you well on the path to unleashing your teaching Super Powers and giving your students the gift of fun and success. It's a quick and fun course that will really let you see what TAGteach is all about and why teachers in many disciplines are raving about it.

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You and your learners deserve the best. Join us at a TAGteach workshop so that you'll learn how to harness the incredible power of TAGteach to supercharge the learning environment, get better results, faster and with more joy for both you and your students. The live workshop experience is the best way to practice your new teaching skills, get practical tips and gain insight from others so that you'll be confident using it in your own teaching situation.

Come for 2 days of TAGteach and work toward your Level 2 certification. If you're already a TAGteacher or advanced clicker trainer or Applied Behavior Analyst, come to the Advanced Workshop to take your skills to the next level. If you're a beginner earn your Level 1 certification in advance through our online course for $250 off the regular course fee of $300. This is a $50 special offer for instructors of the visually impaired.


If you're a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor or other teacher for the visually impaired working for a non-profit organization please contact us for a discount off the Workshop admission price and a $250 discount off the price of the online Level 1 Certification course.


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Tulsa OK - Advanced Workshop - Nov 2-3, 2019

What are teachers of the visually impaired saying about TAGteach?

TAGteach is an incredibly powerful tool for teaching mechanical skills to blind and visually impaired learners. The use of a tag point with a sound marker helps clarify the specific desired goal to the learner at the exact moment of success without excessive verbal input. I would recommend the TAGteach tool become a part of every teacher’s toolbox.

Michele Pouliot Guide Dog Mobility Instructor of 42 years, Recipient of the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Ken Lord Award from the International Guide Dog Federation, Former Director of Research and Development, Guide Dogs for the Blind, CA USA

I have a new semester of students including two with significant visual impairment. Without the advantage of vision, the one student offered to talk the other students through an exercise, because within minutes, she was able to repeat the WOOF statements and do the exercise hands-on herself and felt confident enough to lead the class. I was blown away.

Barb Koestier, M.Ed. Service Dog Trainer

What goes on at a TAGteach seminar?


Your TAGteach Instructor will explain the concepts and principles in a fun and engaging way with lots of examples.


TAGteach is well-known for using lots of video. You'll get many opportunities to study video examples of TAGteach in action in a variety of different applications.

Hands-On Activities

You'll have lots of fun doing hands-on activities. There are no long lectures at a TAGteach seminar. You'll get up and practice more than you'll sit and listen.

Solving Real-Life Teaching Challenges

Bring your teaching challenges and the group will brainstorm solutions and role play to test these out. People come from all kinds of difference backgrounds and the wealth of experience in the room astounds us every time.

What You'll Get from TAGteach

If you're in a field where you teach people, you'll get these benefits from being able to use TAGteach:

  • Fast results, right the first time
  • Tools to communicate to learners exactly what to do
  • The secret to using positive reinforcement effectively
  • More success in less time
  • Motivation for your learners to self-assess, cooperate and try their best
  • Fun and enjoyment for you and your learners
  • Re-energize your teaching - you'll love your job even more!
  • Less talking, more teaching

What are people saying about TAGteach workshops?

I just wanted to thank you again--I learned so much from your seminar. That was one of the most interactive, beneficial seminars I've attended.

Megan Tolway Teacher

I loved the seminar everyone was very much involved and it kept me engaged throughout the two days. Loved learning about the new strategies that I can implement in my practise.

Sophie Jelley Behavior Therapist

I just attended the TAGteach workshop last weekend. I cannot say enough wonderful things. I tried out TAGteach with both my group and private dog training clients. It has made an enormous difference! Every single client gave me positive feedback without me asking them. Every single one. I am floored.

Jennifer Pennington Dog Trainer

We are a multi-specialty medical practice that has been in business for forty years in southwestern New Mexico. We chose this seminar because we have been trying improve multiple lines of services for some time, with inadequate success. I highly recommend this workshop to any business seeking to improve their operations or customer service. Specifically those in the medical field, including the entire breadth of staff, particularly physicians. What we all gained was a new insight into the responsibilities of leaders and new tools to enable us to become more effective leaders and teachers. It was a true paradigm shift.

James R. Skee, M.D. CEO, Silver Health Care, PC

Watch some videos to learn more

Yes We've Got Data!

TAGteach studies have been presented at Applied Behavior Analysis conferences 48 times between 2005-2016. TAGteach has been found to be more effective and efficient as a way of teaching in many disciplines, including orthopedic surgeon training. The published study on this work was recently featured on the Scientific American blog.

Click here to see the full TAGteach reference list with links to full text of published studies, graduate student theses and conference presentations.

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Tulsa OK - Advanced Workshop - Nov 2-3, 2019