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A message from Martha Gabler, mother to a child with severe autism

What is TAGteach? What Will it do for Me?

TAGteach is Teaching with Acoustical Guidance. It's a revolutionary teaching and coaching method that gives you the tools to simplify your instructions, use fewer words and get better, faster results. You will be able to communicate more effectively with your child, whether verbal or non-verbal. TAGteach empowers you to teach the way your child needs to be taught, with clear goals, immediate feedback from a sound marker and success at each step. 

When you use TAGteach to teach/communicate with your child, your child will:

  • Learn efficiently
  • Focus on the learning goal
  • Engage actively in the learning process
  • Communicate with you
  • Have fun!
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TAGteach gave me confidence so I didn’t panic. I had been worried about [the blood tests] for about two weeks. TAGteach gave me a coping strategy by being able to build up my [non-verbal] daughter’s experience to be ready for it. 

Seany Pogson
Seany Pogson Parent of a child with sensory processing disorder

I am on the Autism Spectrum. I’m both high and low functioning but have achieved a level of integration into neurotypical society because of my higher functioning attributes. It has been a difficult path to walk alone though. If TAGteach had been around when I was a child I am 100 percent sure I would have had a less frustrating, anxiety ridden childhood and been a higher achiever than I currently am. 

Katie Scott-Dyer
Katie Scott-Dyer Parent, Dog Trainer, Adult on the autism spectrum

The Problem: Difficult Behaviors, Trouble Communicating, Won't Pay Attention 

As the parent of a special needs child or as an ABA therapist you may struggle with some of the following:

  • trouble communicating
  • meltdowns
  • running off
  • not paying attention
  • not following instructions
  • self stimulatory or self injurious behaviors
  • not working to full potential

The Solution: Communicate so that the Child Understands and Responds 

TAGteach provides a solution to these problems. At its heart, TAGteach is a communication method that is based on the same science as Applied Behavior Analysis. It provides another set of tools to allow 2-way communication that gives control and confidence to the child, whether non-verbal or with good language skills. Using TAGteach will help you to:

  • break down skills or behaviors into manageable pieces
  • identify the point of success for your child
  • reduce your language to the smallest key point
  • reinforce correct movements with laser precision
  • keep the child engaged and moving forward
  • maintain the child's attention and enthusiasm
  • establish 2-way communication and cooperative learning
  • give the child choice and control
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Here's a video example from an autism school that uses TAGteach

risk free

We know that there are a lot of unproven, pseudo-scientific autism treatments being promoted to parents. The last thing we wanted was to be another of those. That's why we have spent the last 10 years presenting at ABA conferences, showing TAGteach to top experts in autism teaching and behaviour analysis and making sure that parents and practitioners can get good results, before even mentioning this to parents. Click here to download the complete reference list of published and unpublished studies

At a TAGteach seminar you'll learn to talk less, teach more and get better results in a shorter time. You'll learn to formulate your lessons and instructions for maximum understanding by your child. You'll have a ton of fun doing it!

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TAGteach is what my father would have wanted for his science. 

Julie Vargas PhD, Professor of Behavior Science
Julie Vargas PhD, Professor of Behavior Science daughter of B.F. Skinner, the father of modern behavior science

TAGteach has an important future in the treatment of autism and other developmental delays.

Joe Morrow PhD, BCBA-D
Joe Morrow PhD, BCBA-D President, Applied Behavior Consultants, Professor of Psychology and Behavior Analysis (Emeritus), California State University, Sacramento (Retired)

Tools to help you Build on Success

TAGteach will give you the tools to recognize your child's strengths, start from a point of success, build on tiny successes to build more success, use positive reinforcement to make it fun and keep your child's attention. You'll learn to focus on what your child CAN do rather than what he can't do.

Here's a video example of TAGteach in action with a child in an autism school. This shows one of the TAGteach techniques, in which the learner gets to be the teacher. This is a great way to get the child involved and highly focused and to assess his understanding of the goal behavior.

Here's another example of TAGteach in action. This is a very complex skill with a typically developing 9-year old. This shows how small parts of a skill taught individually come together to create a completed skill.

Here's a video that shows a child diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, who didn't want to go into the swimming pool. This perfectly illustrates the goal of TAGteach, which is to teach skills so that the behavior itself becomes reinforcing. By the end of the session, Lear is swimming on his own and demanding that the helper watch him and not help.

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What Other People Are Saying About TAGteach

TAGteach is being used in many disciplines, from orthopedic surgeon training to kindergarten classrooms, from non-verbal kids with severe developmental delays to senior business managers, and everything in between.

Here are a few teachers explaining why they like using TAGteach and how it benefits them and their learners:

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What Will I Learn at a TAGteach Seminar?

You'll learn how to be the best teacher/trainer/coach/parent that you can be. We'll show you how to supercharge the entire learning environment with tools that:

  1. Optimize instructions
  2. Provide instant feedback
  3. Provide instant, meaningful reinforcement
  4. Fast-track success for you and your learners

TAGteach seminars are hands-on and interactive. You'll learn new skills step-by-step and have lots of opportunity for practice. You'll leave the seminar with the knowledge and confidence you need to put TAGteach into action RIGHT AWAY!

You'll work with people from many different disciplines. This is one of the aspects that people love about our seminars. There could be a dog trainer, a doctor, an autism parent, a speech therapist, a hypnotist, a personal trainer, a classroom teacher, a behavior analyst, a business manager, a sports coach or any number of other fascinating people, each with their own experience, knowledge and challenges. You never know what you might learn! We've had hula lessons, ski lessons, origami, Mandarin, dog handling and so many more cool things taught at our seminars.

One of the most common things we hear from seminar is attendees is "this is going to change my life". The TAGteach principles are far-reaching and apply to every aspect of dealing with other people (and even yourself) in daily life.

Here's a snippet from a seminar introduction with TAGteach cofounder Theresa McKeon:

A group of young dance teachers talk about their experiences at a TAGteach seminar:

Paula, a violin/viola teacher from Desmoines tells about her impressions after a TAGteach seminar:

What Do the Learners Think About TAGteach?

Listen to these university students explain how learning and teaching with TAGteach changed the way they look at life:

Here are some comments from child athletes about their feelings about being taught with TAGteach:


TAGteach studies have been presented at Applied Behavior Analysis conferences 48 times between 2005-2016. Autism has been the topic at many sessions and in several published studies. TAGteach has been found to be more effective and efficient as a way of teaching in many disciplines, including orthopedic surgeon training. The published study on this work was recently featured on the Scientific American blog.

Click here to see the full TAGteach reference list with links to full text of published studies, graduate student theses and conference presentations.

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