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For autism parents: Start now teaching your child and increasing family happiness


Autism Parents: You CAN Teach Your Children

"It is my vision that all autism parents learn to teach their children productive skills to increase quality of life and family happiness. It is my opinion that TAGteach is the most efficient and effective tool available to us. We parents must act. No-one is going to do more for our kids than we are."  - Martha Gabler

Course Contents

This is a 5 part course based on topic suggestions from autism parents, taught by Martha Gabler. The focus is on HOW to teach children using the science-based TAGteach method.

Observation and Practice

This course contains numerous examples and video demonstrations as well as opportunities for you to practice your observation and tagging skills with video and with your own child.

Quizzes and Homework

There are lots of optional quizzes and exercises throughout the course to help you cement your new knowledge. There are many homework assignments with sheets for you to fill in to help you structure your teaching and keep track of your child's progress.

Live Q&A With Martha

The course includes 6 months of access to periodic live Q&A sessions with Martha and TAGteach co-founders (as available). These will give you the opportunity to ask Martha your questions and to talk to other parents and professionals who are taking the course.

Bonus Offer

If you buy all the parts of the TAGteach for Autism course, you'll get the opportunity to buy the online course, Introduction to TAGteach, for half price ($150). This course leads to Level 1 certification in TAGteach.

In this course you will learn the following:

  • How to motivate and teach your child in a way that gives the child a choice and a partnership in the learning process
  • How to observe to ensure that your child is happy while learning
  • How to step back from emotional reaction and replace disruptive behaviors with calm behaviors
  • How to break behavior goals into small manageable pieces
  • How to build up new behaviors piece by piece by focussing on small successes
  • How to educate your child using the science-based TAGteach method and reduce the time you spend managing behaviors
  • How to assess transitions and teach the child to navigate transitions without anxiety
  • How to defuse tantrums/meltdowns and how to promote a tantrum-free environment

I am on the Autism Spectrum. I’m both high and low functioning but have achieved a level of integration in neurotypical society because of my higher functioning attributes. It has been a difficult path to walk alone though. If TAGteach had been around when I was a child, I am 100% sure that I would have a had an even more successful, less frustrating, anxiety ridden childhood and been a higher achiever than I currently am. If you have any doubts about the validity of TAGteach, just try it, and you will see how amazing and how simplified the learning is through using TAGteach.

Katie Scott-Dyer
Katie Scott-Dyer

TAGteach has an important future in the treatment of autism and other developmental delays.

Joseph Morrow PhD, BCBA-D
Joseph Morrow PhD, BCBA-D Applied Behavior Consultants Inc.

Tagteach has been the only thing that has made a real positive difference to my daughter's progress. TAGteach is the unrivaled champion of our household and all this we learned from Martha Gabler's website and book Chaos to Calm, TAGteach International and the TAGteach for Autism Online Course. Before we started using TAGteach we felt at a loss and our beautiful little girl seemed lost to us. We struggled to reach her. No matter how hard we tried our daughter couldn't even cope with a cuddle or give eye contact. Then we discovered TAGteach and things slowly and surely started to change. We learned how to prepare our daughter for blood tests. We learned to teach her to feed herself. We taught her to give eye contact. We learned to help her take control whilst having meltdowns. There are great many things that we and our daughter have learned via the aid of TAGteach and this wonderful science of helping.  Our previously non-verbal daughter's favourite phrase is "Look what I can do!" You don't have to take my word for it. In fact I would suggest you try it and see for yourself.

Sean Pogson
Sean Pogson Dad to a child with a severe sensory processing disorder

Join The Course Today Only $60

You can start right away, today, teaching your child. Even if you only have 5-10 minutes a day to focus on a specific teaching goal, you will start to see results. TAGteach creates small successes, which over time build up to be big successes. There is no quick fix, and the more time you spend teaching your child, the better your results will be over the long term.

There are 5 parts to the course and each one is $60. If you buy any one part, you'll get the option to purchase one or all of the other parts for $35 each. The total cost for the whole course is $200.



What is TAGteach
What it Means to Use TAGteach
What is a Tag Point
Getting Started
More Complex Skills
Break It Down Further
Skill Examples
Know When to Stop


The Focus Funnel
Transitions: School to Home
Other Transitions
A Video Example of TAGteach: Swimming Lesson
Q&A with Karen Pryor


Quick TAGteach Review
New Terminology
Managing Tantrums
Preventing Tantrums
Creating a Tantrum-Free Environment
Bonus Suggestions from Douglas
Wrap-Up and Q&A



Review and Agenda
Purpose of Reinforcement
Finding Good Reinforcers
The Tag as a Reinforcer
Video Examples
How to Reinforce Effectively
Reinforcement Schedules
Effective Reinforcement Delivery
Reinforcement Checklist
Wrap-Up and Q&A

PART 5 is a Q&A Session that covers the following topics:

Q1: Getting Started
Q2: Ask for a Seat
Q3: Tantrum Prevention
Q4: TAGteach and the ASD Classroon
Q5: Why Are Kids Happy with TAGteach?
Q6: Educational Experience
Q7: Targetting
Q8: Naming Colors
Q9: Why is TAGteach Not Used More Often in ABA Programs? (A: because they are just learning about it - it is becoming more and more commonly used)

Parts 1-5 are available for individual purchase for $60 each. Subsequent parts purchased at the same time are only $35 each. You can also purchase Part 1 of the TAGteach for Autism Course plus the Introduction to Behavior Principles Course for $70. These also come with our 30 day 100% money back guarantee. Click here to see the individual courses list.  


Results are not guaranteed. You will get out of this teaching what you put into it. The teaching suggestions given in this course are not a substitute for professional therapy.

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