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This will be a helpful tool for parents of children with a diagnosis of autism spectrum. I found many simple statements to be profoundly impactful and will certainly be recommending this book to parents overwhelmed by the big picture of changing behavior. It is one thing to hear how to break tasks down from a behavior analyst and, I believe, quite another to hear it from a parent that has overcome the obstacles of the daily struggles that autism involves. Thank you!

Heather Griggin MS BCBA
Clinical Director of Northeast Florida Services Behavior Management Consultants, Inc.

I completely enjoyed this book. It was an engaging and easy read with the appropriate amount of personal testimonial and practical generalization. I wish I could have read it years ago. Parents and practitioners alike will benefit from reading this book regardless if your child is high functioning or severe. After reading, you’ll know that all those other books you read on autism, sensory processing disorder, auditory processing disorder, apraxia, etc. were mostly a big waste of time and money. Don’t let your child’s doctor or other professional convince you that nothing can be done. It’s not true and this book proves it.

Aimee Taylor
Autism Parent

Chaos to Calm: Discovering Solutions to the Everyday Problems of Living with Autism

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction

    Martha’s story and introduction to the TAGteach method.

  • Chapter 2: Quiet Mouth

    How Martha taught her son to stop screeching and engage in more appropriate moments of quiet and vocalization.

  • Chapter 3: Going for a Walk

    A step-by-step description of tag points involved in going for a walk, starting with taking one step and moving toward 5 mile hikes.

  • Chapter 4: Going into the Community

    Detailed explanations of how Martha taught her child to enjoy car trips, outings to the grocery store, play time at the park and waiting at the doctor’s office.

  • Chapter 5: Self-Stimulatory and Boisterous Behaviors

    Martha explains how she taught her son to engage in productive behaviors to reduce self-stimulatory behaviors and how to channel energy into non-destructive, productive behaviors. She explains how giving her child the gift of behavioral choice enhanced quality of life for the whole family.

  • Chapter 6: Social Skills

    Opportunities open up for children with social skills. Martha explains how to teach basic skills to children for whom these don’t come easily.

  • Chapter 7: Going to Sleep

    Exhaustion is a fact of life for many autism families. It doesn’t have to be that way. Martha describes her positive reinforcement-based sleep program in detail.

  • Chapter 8: Life Skills

    In this chapter Martha gives step-by-step details and suggestions for teaching specific life skills including: dressing and toileting, fine motor skills and fun in the tub and getting along around the house.

  • Chapter 9: Play Skills

    This chapter explains how to teach specific play skills, in baby steps, ending with playing with toys, riding a bike and ball play.

  • Chapter 10: Decreasing Disrputive Behaviors and Increasing Calm Behavior

    By selecting a reinforcing productive behaviors, Martha shows how to tame tantrums, ease transitions, eliminate territorial behavior and increase calm behavior.

  • Chapter 11: Self-Injurious Behaviors (SIB), Aggression and Property Damage

    Surely there is nothing more heart-breaking to a parent than to watch a child engage in behavior that causes self-injury. Martha explains how to use TAGteach and positive reinforcement to reduce SIB, aggression and property damage and replace these with productive behaviors that calm the child.

  • Chapter 12: Teaching the Babysitter

    Taking time out for yourself is essential. Martha provides the information you need to teach the babysitter how to use TAGteach with your child. Get out of the house for a while knowing that your child will be in good hands.

  • Chapter 13: Summary of the TAGteach Approach

  • Chapter 14: Questions and Answers

  • Chapter 15: Reforming the Future with TAGteach

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