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How to Use Behavior Science to Get Peak Performance and More Fun

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Burford ON - Level 1 Certification - Jul 22-23, 2017

ATTENTION Special Olympics Coaches! You get a 50% discount since TAGteach got its start with Special Olympics. Contact for the discount code

What will TAGteach do for me?

Do you feel frustrated when it seems that there's not enough time to teach all that your athletes deserve because of inattention or backtracking over material already covered?

Do you wish that your athletes would just get it right the first time?

TAGteach gives you the tools to simplify your instructions, use fewer words, give immediate feedback and get fast results. You'll be able to communicate effectively with your athletes and see success at each step.

Experienced coaches around the world have attended TAGteach seminars and have been amazed at the difference it's made in their teaching and in their businesses. Watch this video with 2006 LPGA National Teacher of the Year, Cheryl Anderson to hear about why she likes TAGteach so much for teaching golf skills.

Here's a free gift from us! Enroll in our online mini-course on the Fundamentals of TAGteach. You'll learn about the three essential components of the TAGteach approach and the four rules for setting attainable goals for your athlete. The information you'll get from this course will put you well on the path to unleashing your coaching Super Powers and giving your athletes the gift of fun and success. It's a quick and fun course that will really let you see what TAGteach is all about and why coaches in many disciplines are raving about it.

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You and the families you serve deserve the best. Join us at a TAGteach workshop so that you'll learn how to teach your children using a positive method that works. The live workshop experience is the best way to practice your new teaching skills, get practical tips and gain insight from others so that you'll be confident using it in your own practice.

Come for 2 days of TAGteach and earn your Level 1 certification. If you want to get a jump on the seminar you can register for our Introduction to TAGteach online course for only $50 (80% off) when you sign up for the seminar.

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TAGteach is going to change the way I teach for the rest of my career. Without a doubt I would recommend this training to everybody. I like that I don’t have to correct them every time. The students are self-correcting because they either hear the tag or they don’t, which is where the true learning happens.

Cheryl Anderson
Cheryl Anderson 2006 LPGA National Teacher of the Year, Director of Instruction, Mike Bender Golf Academy

TAGteach worked for me because I could mark the exact point I need my students to feel in my lessons. My students quickly associated the tag with what I was trying to get them to understand in their technique. It made my instructions that much more effective.

Chad Smith
Chad Smith USPTA Elite Professional

I tried TAGteach on some of my karate students and had a good response, so I asked my karate instructor to use it to help me train for the NASKA circuit (North American Sport Karate Assn.) that I was competing in that year. My event was creative forms and I was having trouble getting the correct hip and knee positions on some of my kicks. He used it with me several times in training. I earned the #1 world ranking in my division that year and I think the tagging definitely helped me.

Laraine Winston MS, LMHC, BCBA
Laraine Winston MS, LMHC, BCBA Executive Director and Lead Practitioner Life Targets, LLC

The tagger is an innovative tool and it is reshaping the way I think about coaching. It helps me think outside the box and come up with solutions I would not have thought of before. TAGteach keeps it simple, fun and significantly increases the speed at which climbers develop new skills.

Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez Professional Climber, Instructor at Nike Climbing Gym, Portland OR

What goes on at a TAGteach seminar?


Your TAGteach Instructor will explain the concepts and principles in a fun and engaging way with lots of examples.


TAGteach is well-known for using lots of video. You'll get many opportunities to study video examples of TAGteach in action in a variety of different applications.

Hands-On Activities

You'll have lots of fun doing hands-on activities. There are no long lectures at a TAGteach seminar. You'll get up and practice more than you'll sit and listen.

Solving Real-Life Teaching Challenges

Bring your teaching challenges and the group will brainstorm solutions and role play to test these out. People come from all kinds of difference backgrounds and the wealth of experience in the room astounds us every time.

What You'll Get from TAGteach

If you're in a field where you teach people, you'll get these benefits from being able to use TAGteach:

  • Fast results, right the first time
  • Tools to communicate to learners exactly what to do
  • The secret to using positive reinforcement effectively
  • More success in less time
  • Motivation for your learners to self-assess, cooperate and try their best
  • Fun and enjoyment for you and your learners
  • Re-energize your teaching - you'll love your job even more!
  • Less talking, more teaching

Yes We've Got Data!

TAGteach studies have been presented at Applied Behavior Analysis conferences 48 times between 2005-2016. Sports has been the topic at several sessions and in several published studies, with reports on golf, gymnastics, dance, judo, mixed martial arts, football and figure skating. TAGteach has been found to be more effective and efficient as a way of teaching in many disciplines, including orthopedic surgeon training. The published study on this work was recently featured on the Scientific American blog.

Click here to see the full TAGteach reference list with links to full text of published studies, graduate student theses and conference presentations.

Join us in Peaceful Burford ON (near Brantford)

Burford is close to the banks of the Grand River, near Paris ON. It's 40 min from Hamilton, less than an hour from Kitchener or Guelph and about an hour from London, St. Catherines and Mississauga. The venue is a private school with lots of room to spread out.

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