Karen Pryor and Susan Friedman to Headline at TAGteach World Summit

TAGteach World Summit castle for blog


We are thrilled to announce that two leading experts in the fields of human and animal behavior, Karen Pryor and Susan Friedman, will give headline talks at the first ever TAGteach World Summit. Leaders in the field of marker-based teaching will gather in Verona Italy on Sept 4-6, 2015 to share developments in the practice of TAGteach and to further the evolution of this remarkable teaching approach. This will be an intimate event with participation limited to a small group; a rare opportunity to meet and get to know the thought leaders in this field. TAGteach co-founders Theresa McKeon and Joan Orr will also be speaking, along with an additional 16 top TAGteachers from around the world.



TAGteacher Spotlight: Laura VanArendonk Baugh

laura vab circleTen years ago, Laura skipped a clicker training lecture to look in on an introduction to something she’d heard about called TAGteach — and she’s never looked back.

“Shaping human behavior incrementally just makes so much sense. We do it with the animals because it’s easier for them and us both — why not for human student and human teacher?”

Laura has incorporated TAGteach not only into her professional work, for training private clients with Canines In Action, Inc and as faculty with the Karen Pryor Academy, but into her personal life as well — which finds her using TAG principles in organizing costume masquerades, in physical exercise form, in handling a firearm safely and shooting competitively, and in writing and editing. This fall she will tour the Indianapolis library system with Alena VanArendonk, teaching teenagers to dance THRILLER as part of a zombie-themed reading program and sneaking in TAGteach along the way. Check out Laura’s video, The Thrill of Tag…